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Membership Application

Application Process

Real and legal entities active in the fields of transportation and logistics can be members of UTIKAD. It is necessary to accept the UTIKAD Rules concerning international freight forwarding in order to become a UTIKAD member.

The membership application is reviewed and finalized at the first Board Meeting following the 15-day bulletin board notice period after the necessary documents for membership application, application form and bank receipts of membership fees are submitted to UTIKAD.

Necessary Documents For Membership Application
  • Membership application form and two portrait photographs of legal entity representative,
  • Criminal record certificate of legal entity representative,
  • T.R. identity card of the legal entity manager,
  • Reference letters of two UTIKAD members which are at least members for two years,
  • Commercial Activity Certificate including information such as establishment and/or current Trade Registry Gazette copies of the company, commerce registration copy, capital etc. obtained from Chamber of Commerce, Chamber of Industry or trade associations,
  • Names, titles and signature circulars of company representative,
  • Executive Board or Board of Members decision, or petition letter signed by company official authorised to represent and bind in order to be a member of UTIKAD and specifying the legal entity representative of the company,
  • Copies of licences and certificates of the company for carrying out transportation and logistics services as described by laws and regulations, if any,
  • Bank receipt of entrance fee,
  • Bank receipt of annual membership fee,
  • Bank receipt of fee for UTIKAD publications.
Membership Fee

Annual membership fee is 17.000 TL. In addition to this, companies are charged with entrance fee of 25.500 TL and 1.500 TL one time only.

Bank Account for Entrance and Annual Membership Fees

UTİKAD Uluslararası Taşımacılık ve Lojistik Hizmet Üretenleri Derneği
Vakıflar Bankası Florya Branch Turkish Lira IBAN: TR08 0001 5001 5800 7296 2724 80 Bank Account for UTIKAD Publications Fee

UTİKAD Uluslararası Taşımacılık ve Lojistik Hizmet Üretenleri Derneği İktisadi İşletmesi
Vakıflar Bankası Florya Branch Turkish Lira IBAN: TR49 0001 5001 5800 7296 2715 48


Phone: 0212 663 08 85 / 0530 960 84 24
E-Mail: utikad@utikad.org.tr

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